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INTEGAR advises and supports its partners and customers in the initiation and implementation of projects. But our company also was and is involved in projects. We are available for projects as a private company for research projects at national and international level. Please contact us for this purpose; we will gladly tell our range of competencies.

List of projects


FOODCOST is a project in the framework of the EU ERASMUS+ program. A total of 10 universities and companies from 9 European countries edit a common theme in order to provide each other and others newest knowledge in a particular field. FOODCOST handels technologies in the food industry, which is closely involved in the consumer behavior. Inform yourself about FOODCOST at our project site or the official Facebook page.

DGG & BHGL Annual Conference

The DGG & BHGL Annual Conference is an scientific horticulture event with more than 300 participants from all over the world. The official internet page of the conference including the management of registration and submission of papers is organized by INTEGAR. Visit the page:

The internet page > was developed in the name of VDL-Bundesverband – Berufsverband Agrar, Ernährung, Umwelt e.V. The platform informs about posibilities to study agriculture, agricultural science and related fields in Germany. Visit the site:

The internet page was developed in cooperation with and in the name of Bundesverband der Hochschulabsolventen / Ingenieure Gartenbau und Landschaftsarchitektur e.V. (BHGL). The platform informs about posibilities to study hoticulture, horticultural science and related fields in Germany. Visit the site:

BottleCrop - Bottle Grown Lettuce

BottleCrop a product idea from INTEGAR, which we have successfully financed within a crowdfunding project. BottleCrop is now available in different versions and can be purchased at INTEGAR-Shop. Find further information at the product page


INTEGAR-Shop offers professional products from the horticultural sector and both for private customers, for horticultural undertakings and for research institutions. We provide innovative products for modern plant cultivation and selected developments from our house.

Visit our store at:

BrickBorn Farming

BrickBorn Farming – food production in buildings of urban areas is a project idea to promote the cultivation of fresh food inside buildings. Due to the increasing urbanization of the world we seek, together with partners of many disciplines for ways of food production again introduce closer to the place of consumption and to focus the benefits of urban production. Inform yourself on our project page: