Protected cultivation / Indoor Farming

Protected cultivation /
Indoor Farming

Protected cultivation of herbal products in greenhouses and buildings has been significantly increasing in recent years. The future prospects of this drawing further growth from in this sector. This is due to, among other things, climate change, the expected global population growth and increasing urbanization of the population. The efficient, safe and secure cultivation independent of external influences is getting more and more important to the producers, but also slowly in the acceptance range of many consumers. The terms Urban Gardening, Vertical Farming or Indoor Farming combine a number of different mounting options in small and large scale.

INTEGAR gives consultance in the field of protected cultivation, efforts for investments and techniques, cultures and cultivation systems as well as trends and technologies. We prepare concepts, general studies and specific feasibility studies. At the same time we take care of projects of any size and follow the development of existing plants worldwide.

Services at a glance

  • Preparation of studies
  • Preparation of concepts
  • Consulting on farming systems
  • Consulting in protected cultivation