Innovation promotion / Funding consultation

Innovation promotion /
Funding consultation

Germany and Europe became one of the most innovative areas in the world in recent decades. The promotion of technological, scientific and interdisciplinary innovation is an essential part of the promotion policy of the federal, state and European government. In addition, it is possible to obtain support from foundations and other institutions. Through a variety of funding programs in the most varied orientations, it often is not easy to make the right choice the first time. In addition, when applying for a high bureaucracy, customized formulations of the topic, precise calculation of the expenses and the observance and respect of deadlines

INTEGAR encourages applying for funding. We advise companies and research institutions in the prominence of innovation and the development of research projects. Our future-oriented drive and our experience in applying for funding support and bring forward your plans.

Services at a glance

  • Preparation and formulation of projects
  • Selecting appropriate fundings
  • Finding of potential project partners
  • Preparation and applying for fundings
  • Supervision during the project period