Plant lighting / LED technology

Plant lighting /
LED technology

The exposure of plants and plant populations in protected cultivation, vitro cultivation, interior landscaping or in the private sector is becoming increasingly important worldwide. In particular, the LED technology promises, in contrast to conventional exposure, energy and cost savings. New findings from the scientific community show that light can be used as controlling growth factor in crop production and certain techniques, such as chopper lights, allow reducing the power consumption again. With the new developments, the need for expertise on plants, techniques, and other fields of application grows. As experts in plant exposure we advise you extensively in all issues. From the design, selection of the light source, light intensity, up to the individual, vendor-independent product consulting.

Services at a glance

  • Application-specific design of lighting systems
  • Evaluation and optimization of existing exposure plants
  • Advice for culture-specific lighting requirements
  • Targeted exposure for phyto-physiological effects
  • Manufacturer-independent product advice
  • Consulting for LED use in crop production
  • Development of individual light recipes