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We offer qualified seminars, worshops and courses in all horticulture topics. We train growers, industry representatives, investors, students, pupils and laymen. We adjust our events individually to our audience. Documentations und tutorials support the program if it is necessary. Choose from our former events or make a your own suggestion.

Our selection of topics

  • basic principle of plant production (incl. tutorial in potting and cutting)
  • plant nutrition, water & nutrient solution (incl. tutorial in analysis of water or nutrient solution)
  • introduction in hydroponics (2-days-seminar incl. tutorials)
  • introduction in plant protection (incl. tutorial in pest determination)
  • plants and light (1-day-course, incl. tutorial in light measuring)
  • urban horticulture (balcony growing, allotments, vertical farming,…)
  • cemetery horticulture
  • urban beekeeping

The referees

Our events will be held by Daniel Brohm and Nico Domurath the founders of the Institute of Horticulture Technologies. Both are graduate engineers of horticulture and have experiences in professional plant production and research & development. As members of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) and within their work at the University of Applied Sciences Dresden they released numerous publications. Depending on the event we will also invite referees from the professional field of horticulture and universities. If you have intrest in special topics, we can offer seminars and workshops or oranise your events.

Our seminar portfolio is still under construction. We will offer more horticulture seminars in the future. Do you need a seminar on the field of horticulture? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We make seminars in German and English language.